Research group Inolivent

Research in Liquid ventilation

Large literature data suggest a radical change in ventilator support by replacing the traditional gas mixture with a breathable liquid. This method, called liquid ventilation, leads to the replacement of the air in the alveoli by a breathable liquid. Since the 70s, perfluorocarbon liquids have been identified as the best candidates to be used in liquid ventilation due to their high oxygen and carbon dioxide solubility. In addition, they are biochemically stable and bio-inert molecules, available as medical grade products. However, only a liquid ventilator can ensure a safe and efficient liquid ventilation.

Since 2001, we have developed many prototypes of liquid ventilator used to conduct research in liquid ventilation  with different animal models. Our most recent prototypes have demonstrated their efficiency during animal experiments from 2.6 Kg to 79.5 Kg.